Pull Out Shelves


Do you dream of having more room in the kitchen, but don’t want to get into a big remodeling project? Your dreams will be a reality with new pull out shelves. These shelves are installed into your existing cabinets, closets or cupboards to allow you to make efficient use of every square inch of space. Even better, shelves from Moore Shelving, LLC are designed to fit your individual needs. You’ll never have to worry about your new system being a hassle.

Pullout shelves are extremely handy because they allow you to find everything in your cabinets without doing any digging. Simply pull the sliding shelf towards you, select what you want, and then slide it back. Everything stays neat and undisturbed.

We have pullout shelves to fit every situation.

Our standard shelves cover most common needs, and therefore, they will usually be the backbone of a new installation. These have sides that are designed to prevent items from falling off and melamine bottoms that are easy to clean.

For special situations, we have the shelves to match. Double deep shelves are great for storing pans, pots and other bulky items. High back shelves make it easy to store tall items behind shorter ones. For storing cleaning supplies, try our sliding caddies. These are custom made to fit around the drain pipes under sinks. Thin items like baking sheets and cookbooks fit wonderfully in our rollout divider bins. With these installed, you’ll never have to worry about your things flopping over.

When you need even more room, look at your hall closets and broom closets. Moore Shelving, LLCs systems can make an entire new pantry from closet space that would otherwise be wasted. By adding a combination of standard shelves, drawer-like double deep shelves and rollout high backed units, you’ll be able to store everything where you can find it without hassle.

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