Moore Shelving chooses Fulfill Your Destiny as charity of choice.

Moore Shelving LLC is pleased to announce it has chosen Fulfill Your Destiny, a 501(c)(3) non-profit serving Tampa Bay as its charity of choice. Fulfill Your Destiny helps individuals whose careers have been altered by injury. Special consideration is given to both civilians and military that have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Karen Mertes, founder of Fulfill Your Destiny.

Karen Mertes, founder of Fulfill Your Destiny.

Local Tampa resident, Karen Mertes, Lt Col (Ret), United States Air Force, founded Fulfill Your Destiny after sustaining a life-changing injury when her vehicle was struck by a drunk driver traveling over 100 mph on I-75 at 7:20 PM on a Wednesday evening.

Fulfill Your Destiny is very special in that Karen Mertes donates her time and does not take a salary.  She pays the administrative costs to operate Fulfill Your Destiny out of her personal funds.  Karen Mertes also donates an additional 10% in each donor’s name making each donor’s effective contribution 110%.

110 cents out of every dollar goes towards helping people locally receiving assistance from Fulfill Your Destiny.
Moore Shelving LLC is pleased to be a Community Partner with Fulfill Your Destiny.  Moore Shelving LLC is happy to support such an outstanding organization where not a penny is spent on salaries and/or costs.  All money raised stays here in Tampa Bay and goes towards helping people locally.

If you want any money that you donate to 1) all go to helping people directly versus paying administrative costs and 2) help people locally and benefit our Tampa Bay community, I highly recommend you support Fulfill Your Destiny and making it your charity of choice!

For more info on Fulfill Your Destiny, Lt Col (Ret) Karen Mertes and the story behind the 110%, please visit


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